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Dendrobaena Superworms

Dendrobaena Superworms £13.00
We all know how important it is to go fishing with fresh tasty bait! When you need dendrobaena superworms, you’re at the right place. With our Fresh Dendrobaena Super Worms, they have been bred to be as lively and tough as possible, making the choice of our Dendra worms for fishing the ideal choice. With each different type of worm having different characteristics, Dendra worms for fishing are the preferred type of bait for many…


Lobworms-SKU £16.00
If you prefer Lobworms for your favoured location, we have just the beast! Our lobs for fishing are the ideal choice for anyone looking to take part in a coarse or game setting, getting you the best experience possible! Our Lobworms for fishing are ideal for salmon trips or for other large catches, such as catfish. These lobs have been bred specifically to land worthy catches! With a range of sizes available for our lobs for…